Small sales. <3 (CURRENTLY CLOSED sorry ; - ; )

Rules ~ Please read.

- Granted sales permission on 4th August, 2011, by Denkimouse.
- I ship from the UK.
- I have done my best to take accurate pictures, but some of the figures are used and may have paint rubs/marks.
- Please ask for additional pictures if you are concerned about the condition of anything, I will do my best to describe everything as accurately as possible.
- I only accept payment through paypal.
- I generally ship within one or two days of receiving payment.
- Please do not back out of sales – asking for a quote is fine but saying you will buy something and then backing out will result in negative feedback.
- Feel free to haggle/make an offer, within reason. <3 I'd rather make the sale and leave someone happy than not sell anything or make someone pay a price they don't feel comfortable with. :3
- Generally I reuse packaging to lower costs and to be more environmentally friendly – if you’d prefer a new bubble mailer or box please let me know, but it will cost more as I will have to go buy them.
I am not responsible for items once they have been posted. I obtain proof of postage with everything sent, if tracking is required it is the buyer's responsibility to request and pay for tracking.
My feedback thread can be found * here*
- I don't accept trades. Sorry. D: (Unless you have any Shuckle things I might like. >.>)


Talking plush! Reluctant to let these go, but I need the moniees. D: I'd like $20 each obo. Both in good condition and work well, mew has an orange/brown stain on her tushtag. I don't think there are any marks on either but I can check/take more pics on request. =] Sold: Mew.

Play by Play Blastoise, good condition, no hang tag but still has the plastic that held the hang tag on. $10 obo.
Hasbro Venusaur, has his hangtag but it is very creased, in good condition otherwise. $10 obo.

Pikachu alarm clock, still works - the "demo" button plays part of the old pokemon theme. Great condition but missing battery cover. $10 obo. May be pricy to ship. **Comes without batteries ~ they were in there just to test it/show that it works**

Alakazam and Electabuzz Tomy figures, good condition, $4 each.

Ceramic? Pikachu, I think it was previously a bell but has lost whatever was inside it, there is some string hanging down. Would make a nice christmas ornament though. :P Has some chips on the back that aren't noticable from the front, but can be seen here: http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff38/hamsteh/eyefi/IMG_5044.jpg I don't know what he's worth so feel free to make an offer? Looking for around $5.

Pokemon stampers - Meowth is the only one with as base, and the ink has dried up, They all look unused and have nice clean rubber. Meowth's ink pad is still there so maybe it could be re-inked? $2.50 for Gengar and Charmander. $3 for Meowth.

Misty "Auldey Tomy" Figure. Has some black plastic stuck in the hole in one foot but good condition otherwise. $2.50. Psyduck stress ball thing. Has some cracks from age. xD I have a few more of these but I'm not sure if they're in good enough condition to sell. $3.50 for Psyduck, feel free to ask about the others (Togepi, Snorlax and Squirtle)

Kids! :D $£3 each, $7 for Glaceon. All in good condition. =] Sold: Seedot.

"Blind Packaged" 151 stamper-less stamp figures, so I've heard. These are all NIP. I don't know a lot about them but they are very nice little figures. They're very small, made from flexible plastic. I have more which I may post for sale at a later date.
(Ponyta, Rapidash, Mankey, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Machop, Gloom, Vileplume, Cloyster, Drowzee, Abra, Clefable. (Or is it Clefairy. #35 anyways. :x) $2.50 each for MIP. $1.50 each for unpackaged (Alakazam, also have an Aerodactyl, feel free to ask. =]) Sold: Seel, Dewgong.

Tomy figures, good condition, $3 each.

Chou Get figures, missing their bases. $1 each

Annoyed Pikachu European Gacha charm, MIP with ball + leaflet.
Happy European Pika Gacha charm MIP with ball + leaflet. Don’t think they have these in machines anymore. D: $4 each? Sold: Staraptor.

Roller ball figures, decent condition, maybe have some paint rubs/dirt, these are oldd. $3 each.

Gengar Keyring with pokeball, don't really want to part with this it's so awesome, but Gengar isn't a pokemon I'd like to collect. And as nice as he is, I'm sure he'd be more loved with someone else. He has a hole in his bottom to secure him into the Pokeball which latches shut, and pops open when you press the button on the middle. Would be great for cosplay or just as an accessory. May have some paint rubs, more pictures can be taken on request, $7.

Slowpoke in-case figure - has a small crack on the plastic off to the side, which can be seen in the pic. Doesn't affect the cuteness imo.Throw me an offer, I'll likely sell him since I need the money and would be looking for at least $5 I guess but I'm not sure I want to sell him. xD

Charizard GBA-SP case, good condition. $7.

Magikarp Tomy, good condition. $5. =] (No marks or scratches that I can remember, can check on request. =])
Rare Jigglypuff 'stamper' from a megasketch set. $5
Palkia DS stylus, from the preorder of d/p/pt I think? $3

Snorlax talky bouncer-thing. XD As far as I know, these are pretty rare. $10 obo. Sold, thanks! <3

Oldd lollipop sticks with pokemon on top, these are pretty rare, I've not seen many around but managed to get a set (and these extras) for myself. O:
$2.50 each, there is Sandshrew, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Psyduck.
Since these aare lollipop sticks, a few have paint rubs/marks and dents. Feel free to ask for better pics! =]

Temporary tattoos! :D $2 for the larger ones. The two bigger d/p/pt ones are pretty new and should work, but I'm not sure if the others of older pokemon will, these are pretty old but still nice, and each has a protective sleeve. (Copywrite info suggests they're from 1998) $.50 for the tiny ones that may have dirt/marks on them and probably have no chance of working, these ones are from my childhood! :P

Pokemon "Staks". These have a magnetic back and will stick to metal surfaces! :D $3 each for Crobat, Suicune and dragonaire. The holo ones are $3, Dragonite is $4, as these are rarer and have a stronger magnet on the back. $2 each for the rest. These are in great condition. :D

Magnets! A few of these have splits between the magnet part and the image, if you are concerned about the condition please ask for more details. =] I would be happy to glue any split pieces down for free on request. No idea where these are from.
Absol, Beautifly, Corphish ~ $2 each.
Marshtomp, Taillow ~ $1 each.
Sold: Cacnea, combusken.

"Premier Edition" Action flipz. :D These are little lenticular cards which flick between a couple of pictures, I tried to show them properly in the picture but feel free to ask!
$1 each ~ Machop/machoke, koffing/wheezing, goldeen/seaking, hitmonlee (has two poses)
$2 each ~ Ekans/Arbok, horsea/seadra, drowzee/hypno, clefairy/clefable.
Packaging is $.50 each or one free with purchase. =]

TCG cards. All are Mint/ Near mint condition.

$.75 for commons, $1 for uncommons + Reverse holos, $1.50 for rares.

Commons. Unopened preview pack is $1.50, contains 5 cards, not sure what though.

Dodrio is rare, Flareon is uncommon.

Turtle line cards, from one of the hg/ss sets I think. $2 for them all? Or throw me an offer. =]

Also have some cards from Kid figures for sale, but I need to retake the pics. They're $1.25 each and mainly 1st gen, feel free to ask if you're looking for any. Thanks! :D


Dragon eggs :D

Ok, so I recently decided to try these out... they look cute >w< I ended up getting 4 of them >__>;; Would have had more if my scroll hadn't run out of room... xD They're kinda addictive .__.;;
Scroll: http://dragcave.ath.cx/user/68969
I don't think it will let me post pics or links, for some reason o.O; I'm probably just being stupid... oh well .__.;;